About Vnspeak

Initially, Vnspeak TTS project is carried out by me with a desire to bring a better life for the visually impaired people in Vietnam.

Currently, thousands of visually impaired people in Vietnam use Vnspeak TTS daily for learning, communication, entertainment and information access purpose.

With the advantages of speed, compact size, clear voice, multiple platform support, VnSpeak can be used in all applications that requiring reading aloud Vietnamese text.

Voices used in free version of Vnspeak TTS are low quality voices and they are available only for demo purpose. We are ready to train new, higher quality voices on demand.

If you need a complete Vietnamese text-to-speech engine, please contact us!


Mr. Le Anh Tuan
Address: Room 804, CT2B, My Dinh II Urban Area, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi.
Phone: 098.828.7050
Email: contact@vnspeak.com